Limitless Programme


Welcome to your Limitless 12 Week Hypertrophy Programme.

Hypertrophy training is all about putting on lean muscle mass. This programme has been specifically designed to get bigger and stronger muscles fast. In this 12 week training programme you will be working out 5 times per week working through every muscle in the body.




Ensure you are eating well and enough of it. There is a tonne of information online and also really good apps to help you with your nutrition. Treat your body like a well oiled machine.


Rest Week


If you feel like your body needs a rest during the programme then choose a week and go through the same movements but at a much lighter weight. A week off is not going to get rid of the gains you have already made.




Pick a weight for each exercise where you are pushing that muscle hard. You should be pushing hard to get that last rep every time.




There are a tips/pointers for the exercises at the end of this programme, have a look at them and get familiar with the exercise. You can also use the internet to search the exercise and see how it is properly done. Read through these before you start as there are some scaling options for the body weight exercises.


Thank you for purchasing your Limitless Muscle Programme. It’s now time for you to work hard and get some quality gains.

Any questions, please feel free to message us on our Instagram account.



Exercise Pointers

  • Back Squat:elbows back, push through heels, neutral spine. Focus on getting upper thighs parallel or deeper to the ground.
  • DB Lunge:DB each arm lunging on the spot.
  • Goblet Squat:KB held at chest with both hands. Neutral spine, push through heels.
  • Nordic Hamstring Lowers:Using partner or band around your chest. Lower down under control. Push back up hard into the press up position. Tighten up muscles during lower phase.
  • Strict Press:Push head through, ears in line with elbows.
  • Bench Press:Lower bar down to chest. Tight back and bring shoulders back and down into bench.
  • KB Upright Row:double overhand grip, elbows high above shoulders on raising phase. Slight bend in the knees.
  • Triceps Dip:lowering down as far as mobility allows. Use band around knees if finding it difficult to complete reps.
  • Deadlift:Keep bar as close to the body when lifting, neutral spine through lift.
  • Bent over row:Shoulders over bar, raise bar to bottom of sternum.
  • Pull Ups:Focus on raising chin above the bar. (use band if you cannot do one pull up)
  • Prone Hold:Straight line head to heel. Keep core tight and don’t let hips sag or raise to high.