Programme Basic

Strength Programme


Welcome to your Limitless Strength Programme (BASIC)

This programme works of your 1 Repetition Max (RM) for most of the exercises, so it would be a good idea to test your 1RM on all of the percentile exercises that are in your programme. This way you can work off an accurate weight when conducting your sets and reps of the programme.


This programme is designed for our beginner athletes who are just beginning there fitness journey or want to get some good strength gains using the basic strength exercises.

Deload Week

Week four is a deload week, so this week will be relatively easy and quick however this is a must when conducting strength training as it gives your muscles a good time to rest and allows you to push even harder for the following weeks to come.


If you cannot complete the reps off a percentage exercise, then decrease the weight until you can. It’s more important to get the reps rather than failing on them.


There are a tips/pointers for the exercises at the end of this programme, have a look at them and get familiar with the exercise. You can also use the internet to search the exercise and see how it is properly done. Read through these before you start as there are some scaling options for the body weight exercises.

Thank you for purchasing your Limitless Strength Programme (BASIC). It’s now time for you to work hard and get some quality strength gains.

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